Services Provided

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Babysitters:  Care givers for event-driven and occasional childcare needs. All babysitters are over 18 and have been pre-screened for your safety.  Sitters can stay in your home with your kids or take them out on fun trips to the library, park, zoo, COSI, etc.   

Pricing Paid to Sitters Unlimited: $10/standard request, $12/holiday or overnight request, $17 for last-minute request 

Pricing Paid to Sitter Directly:  $12/hr for one-two children, $1 more/hr each additional child.  Holidays are $1 more per hour.

              Group Rates (e.g. churches, non-profits, etc.): Pay sitter $14/hr for anything up to 4 children, $1 more/hr each additional child, $1 more per hr on holidays.

Household Help:  Short on time & need a helping hand with life, not just childcare? Our household helpers can assist you when you need an extra pair of hands.  This includes but is not limited to mommy's helpers, organizing, preparing for that upcoming yard sale or birthday party, assisting room moms with creating gift bags, game ideas, etc. 

Pricing:  Paid to Sitters Unlimited: $10/standard request, $12/holiday or overnight request, $17 for last-minute request.  Then, pay helper $12-15+/hr based upon nature of job. Ok for helper & family to negotiate price in advance of help date.  $1 more per hr on holidays.

Pet Sitters:  Find a pet lover who can watch your friend in the comfort of your own home!  For many animals, boarding is not an option and when you have multiple pets, it gets expensive quickly!  Why not have your pets keep their same routines by having someone stay with them while you're out of town?  For many animals, this helps minimize anxiety, required trips to the vet for shots, and any fear-based aggression that may result from being kenneled. We guarantee your pets will be much more comfortable eating, sleeping and playing in their own yard with a friend than they would in a boarding facility.

Pricing:  Paid to Sitters Unlimited: $10/standard request, $12/holiday or overnight request, $17 for last--minute request.  Then, pay sitter $25 per short visit, $60 per overnight for one pet, $5 more/night each additional pet.  $10 more per overnight on holidays.

Summer Nannies:  Limited availability.  Summer (June-August) caregivers that are a dedicated resource for your family while your kids are on summer break. Only meant for families using the same care giver at least 4 days per week or 25 hours per week, whichever comes first.  Nanny rates vary based on experience, job requirements and responsibilities, etc.  This service is offered to registered clients ONLY.  Please contact our office by March 15th with:  Your name, start date (in late May or early June), end date (in Aug), days needed each week, start & end times needed for each day, any dates not needed (e.g. 4th of July, family vacation week,etc.), any particular requirements (e.g. must have special needs experience, must be a strong swimmer, must be able to drive kids to/from activities, etc.), and the pay rate you are willing to offer. We will then pitch your job offer to our sitter/nanny team and will be in touch with potential candidates for your family to meet.