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Our Promise To You

At Sitters Unlimited, we agree never to share or sell any of your family's information with any outside source. 


We will protect your identity as well as the identity of your children. 

We attest that all sitters we send to your home have been thoroughly screened via fingerprinting, a BCI or BFBI check, a personalized sit-down interview, had their driver's license and proof of car insurance checked prior to hire, and had up to 5 references checked.  They are all over the age of 18, have their own reliable transportation, and have ample childcare experience.  They have all been CPR certified prior to working with your family, yet only some sitters elect to renew their certification after it expires. 


Furthermore, sitters are continually evaluated by our existing families so every job they go on is a potential check point.  We only keep sitters rated 4-5 stars by our clients to ensure we're keeping the best-of-the-best childcare providers in the City of Columbus.

Should a sitter not be a great fit for your family, just contact us and let us know.  We can put her on your family's "Excluded Sitters" list so she will be unable to even see (much less sign up for) any future jobs you post.  Sometimes families prefer younger sitters, whereas other families prefer ones who are more mature.  Sometimes a particular match just isn't a perfect fit and is no one's fault.  We want you to be elated with the service we provide & the sitters we send.  We are always more than happy to try to make alternate matches and will tweak who we send based upon your feedback.

In fact, you can request your favorite sitters back when you post a new request!  Just check the box next to the names of your (and your kids') favorite past sitters when you create a new request, and they'll have 24 hrs to respond before we open your job up to the remainder of our sitting team who you may not have met yet.  We are always happy to check with your favorites first but when they aren't available, we hope to send you someone else  you and your kids can love just as much!

Our goal is to support parents by providing both excellent and safe childcare providers, to protect children by ensuring those who care for them are qualified to do so, and to help those who love working with children have the ability to make a living doing just that. 


We are here to lift you up and support you in your goals.  We will do our best every day to ensure every family who contacts us gets the help that they need, and that every childcare professional with a clean record & ample experience has an opportunity to make a living while protecting the children in their care.

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