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Click on "Register New Client" and pay the one-time registration fee of $75.  This buys you a lifetime membership to Sitters Unlimited with NO hidden, monthly, or annual fees. That way, whether you need a sitter next week or three years from now, you've got us in your back pocket. 

Schedule A Sitter

Once registered, simply login anytime & click on "Schedule a Babysitter." Enter the required fields of information (date, start /end times, special notes, etc.).  This flexibility in online scheduling gives busy parents the ability to book jobs whenever they need without having to adhere to normal business hours. 

Pay Placement Fee

To post your request to our Available Jobs page for our pre-screened sitters to see, pay the associated placement fee per job request:

-$10/standard request

-$12/ holidays or overnights

-$17/ last-minute requests

*We want to ensure your family can get reliable childcare without spending a fortune!

Sitter Confirmation

When a sitter signs up for your job, you'll receive a confirmation email with the sit details, name and more information about them.  You can login in to view photos, see their overall rating from other local families, and they'll even call you to confirm so that you can communicate directly--a critical feature other in-home agencies don't allow.  Just pay the sitter directly at the end of the sit.  If your family really enjoyed the sitter, feel free to request them back next time!

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