Pricing Information

Fees Paid to Sitters Unlimited LLC

One-Time Registration Fee: $50  (Non-refundable)

This buys your family a lifetime membership to Sitters Unlimited LLC so that whether you need a sitter next week or 3 years from now, we've got you covered.  There are no hidden, monthly, or annual fees.  This one-time registration fee applies to whichever service you register for when you initially sign up, and all other service add-ons are free.  For example, if you register for babysitting and pay the one-time $50 registration fee, at any time you can add on "Household Help" or "Pet Sitting" services to your family's account for no additional charge.


Babysitter, Household Helper and Pet Sitter Placement Fees: 

                  $10 per standard request (made in advance)

                  $12 per holiday or overnight request

                  $17 per last-minute request (within 48 hrs of job start-time)

-Once you are a registered client, whenever you need a sitter just login, book your request, and pay the associated placement fee to post it to our "Jobs Available" page for our pre-screened sitters to see.


-If you place a request that we are unable to fill, we will refund your placement fee.  We do not refund placement fees for jobs that have been filled should you decide to cancel.  We have a fill rate of 98% for sits booked in advance.

-If you have a last minute request (within 48 hrs of the job start), you can login and schedule it yourself up to 4 hrs prior to the start time.  Keep in mind that if you attach a specific sitter request to it, that will put a 24 hr hold on it for only that sitter to respond, so we highly recommend you do not do this unless you have communicated with that sitter verbally and she has verified she can do it.  When you post your last minute request, it will go to the top of our "Jobs Available" page for our screened sitters to view.  If we are unable to fill it, we will refund your fee as you'll never be charged for any service we do not perform, so it is always worth posting a request even if you don't have ample notice!


-You will not be able to book last-minute requests yourself within 4 hrs of the sit start time.  Instead, call or email our office so we can get to working on it right away.  We will search for our existing clients for free, so it's always worth contacting us if a last-minute need arises.  We only charge you $17 if we're able to fill your last-minute request.   If our office is closed, we will be unable to help this time but look forward to sending you a sitter in the future. 

Summer Nanny Placement Fees (Paid to Sitters Unlimited PER Summer):  $450  (June-Aug)

**The deadline to be included on our "First Come, First Served" list for a summer nanny (June-Aug) is MARCH 15

-Being on the "First Come, First Served" list is not a guarantee that you will get a nanny match, but it does guarantee that we will do our best to get you the help your family needs before we will work with any other family who contacts us after the March 15th deadline with similar needs (e.g. same/conflicting days, hours, pay rate, etc.).


-Nanny buyouts require a signed contract between the family and nanny (provided by SULLC), with a signed copy issued to Sitters Unlimited prior to the nanny's start date listed on the contract.


-Nanny buyouts are only meant for families using the same individual (nanny) more than 25 hrs/week or 4 days/week, whichever comes first for the months of June, July & August.

-A buyout relationship means you have purchased exclusive use of a particular nanny and no longer have to go through Sitters Unlimited LLC to schedule each daily job online with her (or pay per requested date) for the period outlined within the contract (June-Aug). Therefore, in addition to the regularly scheduled days she works for you, you can also check with your nanny to see if she's available to sit when you'd like to go out, have special events, etc.  If she is, no need to contact us.  However, if there are any needs you have that your nanny isn't available to do, please contact us and we'd be happy to help find a fill-in sitter for the standard sitter placement fee rate.


-All buyouts are only good for the term you purchased within your contract dates and will revert back to booking online for the standard babysitting placement fees per request once your contract end date has passed.


-Should you opt to hire the same (or different) nanny in future summer(s), each summer must have its own specific contract.  The associated nanny buyout fee must be paid to Sitters Unlimited LLC prior to the contract's start date.

Fees Paid to Service Providers

Baby Sitter Rates (Paid directly to the sitter in cash or check only.  No Venmo, Paypal or other apps.)

Family Rates (3 hr minimum):

          $12/hr for 1-2 children

          $1 more per hour each additional child

          $1 more per hour on holidays 

          An additional $2/hr is owed directly to sitters for any use of pre-scheduled & pre-agreed upon "flexible end time"

          (No more than 2 hrs flex end time is permitted)

          Transportation Fee (if needed): $5 for anything under 10 miles, $0.56 each additional mile

Organization/Non-Profit/Group Rates (2 hr minimum): 

          $14/hr for anything up to 4 children (0-4) per sitter

          $1 more per hour each additional child

          $1 more per hour on holidays 

          An additional $2/hr is owed directly to sitters for any use of pre-scheduled & pre-agreed upon "flexible end time"

          (No more than 2 hrs flex end time is permitted)

Overnight Rates for Babysitters: 

          $100 after school overnight for 1-2 children (approx 3p-8a)

          $120 after school overnight for 3-4 children

          $140 after school overnight for 5-6 children

          $150 per 24 hr period 1-2 children Mon-Thurs

          $160 per 24 hr period 3-4 children Mon-Thurs

          $170 per 24 hr period 5-6 children Mon-Thurs

          $160 per 24 hr period 1-2 children Fri-Sun

          $170 per 24 hr period 3-4 children Fri-Sun

          $180 per 24 hr period 5-6 children Fri-Sun

          $10 more per overnight on holidays.  This is a flat rate, despite hours, # of children, etc.

          Transportation Fee (if needed):  $5 for anything under 10 miles, $0.56/ + mile

Household Helper Rates (Paid directly to the helper in cash or check):

          $12-15+/hr depending upon the project & nature of the job (*can be negotiated between helper and family)

          $1 more per hour on holidays

          Transportation Fee (if needed):  $5 for anything under 10 miles, $0.56 each additional mile


Pet Sitter Rates (Paid directly to the sitter in cash or check):

          $25 per short visit (between 30-60 minutes) 

          $60 per overnight (approx 7p-7a) for 1 pet, $5 per night each additional pet

          $10 more per overnight on holidays.  This is a flat rate, despite hours, # of pets, etc.


-We do not offer daily dog walking services unless it is part of a larger pet sitting job.  Our pet sitters are happy to take care of your pets when you are out of town or unable to return home for 24+hrs.  They can spend the night at your home (optional), ensuring your pet's routine(s) stays the same. Your sitter can also pop in throughout the day (short visit) and let your pet(s) out to eliminate, stretch their legs, play, maintain feeding or medication routines, etc. 

-For pets who require more specialized care, prices can be negotiated up from the base level listed above. Please contact us in advance so we can find a sitter tailored to your specific needs. 

-Each dog, cat, horse, etc. is considered autonomously as one pet.  However, for groups of animals that are housed together and have minimal individual requirements (e.g. fish, hamsters, turtles, chickens, etc.), the group itself is considered as "1 pet" unless any member requires individualized attention (e.g. medication, treatment, specialized care, isolation, etc.)


-We have a 3-hr minimum requirement for families and a 2-hr minimum requirement for organizations/groups. Even if you do not need your sitter/helper for the full minimum time, you must pay them as such. *The sole exception to this is if you hire a Pet Sitter for a "Short Visit."

-All sitters/helpers are to be paid for the full time they were booked, even if you opt to let them go early. They are to be paid directly in cash or check (only) at the end of each sit in accordance with the rates listed herein.  If you will not be home to pay them, please leave payment for them ahead of time & let them know where to retrieve it.  Please communicate your planned payment with your sitter in advance so you can ensure it is correct.  Any mis-payments in which the office must be notified will involve billing you the extra amount owed in addition to a $5 service fee.

-Should you want to additionally compensate one of your sitters/helpers who has done a fantastic job, you may opt to show your appreciation through tipping which is appreciated but not required.

-Cancellations:  There is a $25 Cancellation fee for any job cancelled within 24-hrs before its scheduled start time.  100% of this fee is passed onto the sitter/helper to compensate for lost hours.  A $5 service fee is added for additional office work.


-We will not issue refunds for any placement fees should you opt to cancel your request after a sitter/helper has been assigned.  However, we will refund your placement fee if we were unable to find you a sitter/helper prior to cancellation.

-Additionally, if you are unable to give more than 5-hrs notice and have to cancel, the full charge of the job is due to the sitter, along with a $5 service fee.  The only time we waive this full charge within 5-hrs of the job start time is when our office is closed & you are otherwise unable to reach your helper, in which case the $25 cancellation fee (and $5 service fee) will apply.  If you can't reach your helper but need to cancel when we're closed, just let her know when she arrives that you had a change in plans but weren't able to reach her.  Pay her the $25 cancellation fee plus a little for gas, then leave a message for us. We'll be in touch when we open the following business day. 


-Please respect our "No Sick Child", Inclement Weather and other policies found here.


Summer Nanny Rates (Paid directly to nanny according to summer contract terms): 

-Rate will be pre-negotiated between family and nanny based upon the family's needs, requirements, job description & responsibilities, nanny's experience, etc.  Very minimum rate might be $13/hr for one child, $1 more per hour each additional child for those nannies with minimal experience and job duties/responsibilities.  


-If you want your nanny to do more than the obvious child care and additional assumed responsibilities (e.g.  preparing their meals and cleaning up after them, overseeing kids doing their homework, chores, playing with & keeping the children engaged, etc.) and instead also be responsible for extra things (e.g. keeping children’s laundry up to date, light housekeeping, keeping nursery and kids' rooms tidy, possibly meal planning or even grocery shopping, driving them to/from various activities, etc.),  then you and your nanny can negotiate a price that you’re both comfortable with for the job responsibilities you agree to.  Keep in mind that some nannies have vast experience and therefore may personally require (and deserve) a higher rate. 

*We reserve the right to change our rates at any time and will notify our clients, in writing, of any changes at least thirty (30) days in advance.